This company was formed after a long process of evaluation and deep realization of facts that putting up a business in an era wherein competitiveness is a main factor are great consideration. Management believes that purely organized manpower agency with well planned programs will facilitate occupational demand and manpower supply that will benefit KJB Manpower Services and its clients. People is our business. We identify and highlight their talents so they can become EFFICIENT AND GOOD PEOPLE of your company and be qualified for your needed positions or requirements to ensure production in your organization.

We have an extensive pooling of qualified applicants in our data banks such as: Merchandiser, Promo Girl, Sales Promo, Janitors, Service Crew, Clerical Positions, Professional, Technical, Skilled and Non-Skilled workers; ready to your response to your requirements anytime you call us for replacement. The location of our company has an advantage, we can deployed more applicant living in South Area.

KJB Manpower Services are well equipped to support the needs of each CLIENT, to be able to have the best reports and maintain good service.

Experience and methodical approach use in achieving a successful business is the main concern of its founder. Humanitarian and spiritual considerations are among the rest that the company is focusing.

A GOD centered commitment to help the needy in achieving their goals are considered endeavor.

Worsening economic problems are the great factors that give hardship to all job seekers. Those coming from Rural areas are often deprived of the same privileged than people living in a highly Urbanized Cities, hence we put up a company that will give an equal opportunity to the less privileged local job seekers. We both employed professionals and experienced workers specially in line of skilled and non skilled. In-depth interview, rigid training and psychological evaluation of every hired employee are being digested before they were dispatched to our clients to ensure that our client companies are compensated.


As a company engaged in a manpower services, we have a human resource personnel that are highly qualifies and specialized in evaluating applicants to ensure that we filled the right person to the right job.

Please consider our company as an arm of your company's manpower needs and rest assured we will be committed to your full expectations.

We are committed to provide efficient, trustworthy and reliable personnel to cope up the satisfaction of our clients and provide equal services to our employees.

We are envisioned to become competitive in the field of manpower services and filled the needs of our clients within the limit of their satisfaction and to give our employees a workplace suitable to their mental and physical needs. In our pursuit to this vision, we are under legal bounds to coordinate and keep a close coordination with the concerned government offices.


Sales Promodizer

Computer Technician

Computer Analyst


Warehouse Checker


2/F 765-C EDSA, Malibay, Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 8877690
+63 (2) 8875084
+63 (2) 4011786

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